Steel, alloy or aluminum are the most common materials used for a beach cruiser frame. They give your cruiser a neat, clean appearance. Enter balloon tires. In addition, brake shoes are more effective when biting into alloy. New tandem cruisers should use wheels with at least 36 spokes, to handle both riders’ weight. No doubt, some of them were very sturdy. Step-through frames have a downward-sloping top-tube and a much lower standover height. Schwinn. Upright Bikes – Sit Up and Enjoy the Ride, Mead Ranger Bicycles, Chicago, Illinois 1924, Retro Bikes : 1930s to ‘50s Balloon-Tire Bicycles Worth Peddling, He Built the Beach Cruiser and Sold a Lifestyle, The California Beach Cruiser Built a Bike Movement, Cruiser Bicycles’ Early History and Their New Name: Beach Cruisers, Percent Share of Specialty Bicycle Sales by Bike Category From 2005 to 2012. At heart, beach cruisers are intended to be simple and low-cost, as relates to both upfront and ongoing costs. If you find yourself drifting in the direction of natural materials, it’s possible to buy yourself a beautiful, wooden beach cruiser. The way to counter this is with leverage – and the way to gain leverage is with… handlebar width! A rim brake on each wheel ensures that you can stop reliably. A number of cheap, single-speed beach cruisers still use one-piece cranks. Some of them are all about the look. But it has enough tread to maintain traction on some sand, especially on turns. You want you beach cruiser to look cool, so do not compromise! Other riders will choose a standard saddle as found on a commuter or hybrid bike. Look for a wide seat that will support you in the upright riding position. One gear is usually enough for short rides. E-Cruisers should use disc brakes, which can be either mechanical or hydraulic. 21 speeds can help you cover more terrain. At the date of writing, there only appears to be one production model on the market, available in either Redwood or Ash. VM Express $50 – $100 $100 – $150 $150 – $200 $200 – $300 $300 – $500 10" 12" 14" 16" 18" 20" 24" 26" 28" 29" buy online & pick up in stores … This is not a disadvantage, as the comfort and ease at which you can roll through the streets will make you want to sit back and enjoy the ride. Whatever route you choose, there are benefits and drawbacks. It’s also the same size that was adopted as the mountain bike standard, up until the 2010s. What started as a love affair with biking, art and design turned into a collection of the most beautiful, fun-to … External gearing is exposed to salt air and sand, both of which rapidly deteriorate components. A couple to a few inches of rise places you in a comfortable, upright position with excellent visibility. Options are almost endless, including horns and cup-holders for your Mai Tai. Dramatic rise doesn’t really help on climbs, as it results in your weight being set lower and further back. They are comfortable but don’t offer the highest degree of relief from vibration. MORE BIKE GEAR  ROAD BIKE SHOES | ROAD BIKE PEDALS | CYCLING SHORTS | ROAD BIKE JERSEYS | ROAD BIKE WHEELS | ROAD BIKES UNDER $500 | ROAD BIKES UNDER $1000 | ELECTRIC BIKE CONVERSION KITS | ELECTRIC FOLDING BIKES | E-BIKE BATTERIES | CRUISER BIKES | BEACH CRUISERS | BALANCE BIKES | BIKE TRAVEL BAGS | ROAD BIKE HELMETS, Bestseller No. A moderate tread allows you to ride your cruiser on unkempt roads, grass and hardpack dirt. Owen has spent decades building and riding bikes; as a messenger, photographer and for an environmental non profit. Derailleur-equipped beach cruisers are available in 7, 8, 9 and 21-speed variants. It can cause numbness due to restricted blood supply. But even on a step-over cruiser, there is plenty of room for a rider to stand over the top-tube, with clearance between the bike’s frame and their crotch. Some stylized frames don’t leave room to attach bottle bosses or to fit a bottle in the frame. A number of new models use a rear coaster brake with a front rim brake. $59.99 $ 59. They are also more complicated than rim brakes, when it comes to maintenance, adjustment and repair. The beach cruiser suits relaxed and casual cyclists, infrequent riders, seniors and vacationers. Powerful ability to stop a heavy cruiser’s bulk. If you are looking for a high quality beach cruiser with some extra cool, the Firmstrong Bruiser is just the ticket. Cruisers for shorter riders and juveniles sometimes use 24 inch wheels. And those who cruise, usually coast through bends. The steel frame has pleasing curves and the components are color matched or complement the rest of the bike. With tall bars, riders are seated low and reaching high. Smaller children’s cruisers use 20” and 24” wheels. It’s also less rust-resistant, unless it’s received a coating (such as electrophoretic deposition). Handlebars are wide for casual steering. The first thing that you notice about the Nel Lusso is the stunning appearance. All beach cruiser tires share similar traits. The Schwinn Sanctuary is available in a men’s version and women’s version. They are expensive and have a breaking-in period, during which they can be a little uncomfortable. C $655.96. A coaster brake comes on the singlespeed version and the models with more gears come with rim brakes. $329.95. The Springer Fork is the traditional form of beach cruiser suspension. These saddles usually feature two large, short springs under the seat of a bike’s saddle. ... Schwinn Women's Gateway 700c/28" Hybrid Bike - Cream. Whatever your style is, it will be greatly enhanced by the bruiser! Nevertheless, it makes a lot of sense. The result is a casual steering style that feels free and easy, but won’t see you whipping through alpine hairpin bends. We use affiliate links and may receive a small commission on purchases. These large, comfortable tires measured around 2.125” wide and had just reached U.S. shores from Europe in the preceding couple of years. Aluminum is a lot more resistant to corrosion than any kind of steel. Micargi MUSTANG-GTS / NX3 26" Stretch Beach Cruiser Bike Spoke 3 and 1 Speed NEW. $11.95. It’s also significantly lighter than a hi-tensile frame (and somewhat lighter than chromoly). You do not need to worry about shifting gears and there are no complicated mechanisms to keep clean and maintained. ... 2014 Felt 1909 Beach Cruiser. After saddles, pedals are soon swapped out on new bikes. Long frames easily accommodate batteries without inhibiting aesthetics. Only 1 left! Cruiser bars have a decent amount of rise, varying from a couple of inches to the dramatic ‘ape-hanger’ bars found on some custom ‘choppers’ and lowriders. To this day, beach cruisers are the stylish, no-frills, low-cost alternative. $99.99. Rim brakes lose some power in wet weather. sixthreezero produce the Around the Block beach cruiser in a men’s version and a women’s version. Visibility is excellent, allowing you to see the path ahead. With this in mind, there is less concern over the quality of components. This squishiness is uncomfortable on longer rides and will be felt in your hips, thighs and bottom. BOA 29er Mountain Bike 24 Speed MTB with 29-Inch Wheels. $329.00. The lazy ride characteristics are perfect for beach cruising. These simple and beautiful machines are a mile away from the technical and competitive worlds of road and mountain bikes, where flowing lines are rare. Handlebars are low, in an old-school racing position. This isn’t allowed by the geometry of most bikes. You get Firmstrong’s standard high quality paired with a more aggressive styling than the average beach bike. If not, a straight cruiser fork is usually situated to place it at a similar distance and angle from the head tube. It is comfortable to ride and is just a bit more versatile than the average beach bike thanks to the wider range of gears and rack. We recommend that you stick with 7 gears if your area has big hills, otherwise 3 is fine. This front brake is usually a V-brake. Stitched Leather Some geared cruisers use aluminum to offset the weight of gearing components. You won’t have a high top-gear on flats or descents. For many people, this is the first part that gets replaced on a new bike. Don’t forget that the slower you go, the more time passersby have to admire your ride! No Ads. All kinds of grips come fit to new beach cruisers. The designers at Schwinn have made a very attractive looking beach cruiser. 3.9 out of 5 stars with 119 reviews. List a bike that you want to sell or trade for free. No gear shifters means no clutter on the handlebar and all you need to do is get on and pedal. The large volume of balloon tires absorbs small bumps, giving you the feeling that you are floating through the streets. With many cruisers; the bottom bracket, cranks and pedals are placed further ahead of the saddle than is the case with most bike types. Like cruisers, these retro bikes feature arched frames with flowing lines. Cruisers with 3-piece cranks and / or sealed wheel bearings will cost more. There are no pads or discs and braking takes place largely within the wheel hub. Baskets, Boxes and Crates It’s a good enough option for coastal, flatland riding and slow cruising. Higher speeds are attainable, along with acceleration on descents. They can overheat on long, steep descents. The first sprung saddles were made of leather. Brakes. Some models use 700c wheels to achieve greater speeds and cover longer distances. 26" Stretch Beach Cruiser Bicycle 68 Spokes Rims Coaster Extended Bike PUMA . When you need to stop, a coaster brake slows you down with confidence. $28.99 shipping sixthreezero Around The Block Men's Single-Speed Beach Cruiser Bicycle, 24" Wheels, Matte Black with Black Seat and Grips 4.4 out of 5 stars 1,116 Bunny-hopping can be more difficult with a coaster brake. A chain guard helps prevent any dirt from the chain ending up on your leg or clothes. Rear Rack for GigaByke Groove. Many geared and commuter cruisers come equipped. Used by itself, a coaster brake could fail at high speeds or with extended use on long, downhill rides. Many beach cruisers arrive fit with matching fenders or at least with eyelets to attach them. Zycle Fix Classic Beach Cruiser Men Bicycle Bike Black Matte NEW. A beach cruiser with gears is more versatile if you live in a hilly area. Wide 700c rims are known as ‘29 Inch’ in the mountain biking community. 8 sixthreezero Around The Block Women's Single Speed Cruiser Bicycle, Coral w/ Black Seat/Grips, 26" Wheels/17" Frame Classic, curvy women's beach cruiser bicycle with 17-inch durable steel frame; ideal for casual, comfortable riding around the neighborhoodUpright riding style keeps your back and shoulders comfortable; dual-spring saddle and wide cruiser handlebar with foam grips $229.99 Buy on Amazon Bestseller No. This keeps the Nel Lusso simple and your cruising speed in check. There are two main types of steel that you’ll find on beach cruiser frames, and there are important differences between them. Either new or as an aftermarket option, a rim brake is the cheapest option. While most beach cruisers are either singlespeed or have 3 gears, the Schwinn Sanctuary has 7 gears to make it easy to ride on more diverse terrain. Drum brakes use an internal hub, like coaster brakes, but are cable-actuated in the same way rim and disc brakes are. Another beach cruiser part that enhances your comfort is the seat. 4.0 out of 5 stars. Most beach cruiser frames are steel. On a cruiser, this probably isn’t the case. They have moderate tread and ample width. 26” Wheels We're always in a rush — a cruiser is perfect for … For this reason, they are more suited to accommodating narrow to mid-width tires. McNeely recalls a conversation with a customer from this time. Many beach cruiser accessories are stylized to suit the retro aesthetic. Many Cruisers may not have eyelets to attach the kind of front rack that you would attach to a touring bike, but they can be attached to the headtube and / or handlebars, using a bracket. Good quality options are hard to find on off-the-shelf cruisers. 4-Stroke Carburetor Cover Assembly. But they’re usually quite heavy. Beach Cruiser and longboard est 2019 here in the heart of Beirut is an independent cycling company creating unique beach cruisers for the shore and beyond. Our Editors independently research, test, and rate what we feel are the best products. More expensive options use either synthetics or real leather. Although the name suggests that it is just a beach bicycle, a beach cruiser is also a great choice for riding around town or to and from work. Some beach cruisers use drum brakes, but they’re more often found on European roadsters and utility bikes (where they’re sometimes called ‘roller brakes’ or ‘hub brakes’). The Schwinn Huron cruiser bike is great for riding around the neighborhood, at the beach, or through the park and is suggested for riders 5'4" to 6'2" tall, With a 7-speed drivetrain, this cruiser is ready for any hills on your ride. Be wary that a number of low-cost beach cruisers come fit with low quality pedals. $259.99 Buy on Amazon Bestseller No. Chromoly is a steel alloy that incorporates chromium and molybdenum. The steel frame is two inches longer than a standard frame, which puts the rider in a stretched out position. Fat cruisers look extra bad-ass. 4.6 out of 5 stars with 32 reviews. Internal gearing systems only require infrequent maintenance. There are two types of disc brake; hydraulic and mechanical. 2 and 8-speed models are rarer. Does the beach cruiser look good? Singlespeed is available for those that love simplicity and cruising. A 21-speed bike uses three chainrings and a front derailleur, making maintenance and adjustment significantly more complicated than the single chainring setups specced on 7, 8 and 9-speed beach cruisers. Discs are more powerful and more costly than rim brakes, but are now more affordable than they have ever been. Shop for girls 20 cruiser bike online at Target. Few brands manufacture a beach cruiser that uses more than one chainring, as this avoids the need to deal with the complication of a front derailleur. An internal hub requires a shifter, cable and guides. The fork on your cruiser bike is almost always curved. Other models, especially geared specimens, come with rim brakes front and back. This is the traditional style. In 1976, McNeely trademarked the name “California Beach Cruiser” and thus was born the bike we know today. That is to say, the fork sticks out in front of the head tube. “Yeah, it’s my bay cruiser”, she told him, “I can take my surfboard, go down to the beach, throw this bike down in the sand, go surfing, come back, and it’s still gonna be there…”. At around 67° (but as steep as 70°), a slack seat tube angle places the rider further toward the rear of the bike. Beach cruiser tires are usually up to 2.4 inches wide. Quick View. Because this is a ‘beach’ cruiser we’re talking about, you may need a way to carry a surfboard. Twist shifters make for quick and easy gear changes, Classic, curvy men's beach cruiser bicycle with 19-inch durable steel frame; ideal for casual, comfortable riding around the neighborhood, Classic, curvy Women's beach cruiser bicycle with 17-inch durable steel frame; ideal for casual, comfortable riding around the neighborhood, Frame: hand-crafted light weight aluminum cruiser frame, Pedal brakes, 26-inch men's single-speed cruiser bike for easy, relaxed riding, Classic curvy beach cruiser design with 17-inch durable steel frame and 26-inch aluminum wheels, Features: The ideal fit frame's design delivers more comfort, more confidence, and a better ride, Accessories: A front basket, a beverage cup holder, a smartphone slot, and a rear storage rack.